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Societe Abdallah Doumit & Fils (SADEF) operating since 1988 is owned by Mr. Ziad Doumit, Mr. Georges Doumit, Mr. Mounir Doumit, Mr. Naji Doumit, Mr. Samir Doumit and Mr. Ghassan Doumit.

SADEF undertakes different activities listed below inside Lebanon.

  1. Importer from: Italy,Germany,and Taiwan

  2. Brand Names:Ankaro, Blankom, Italiana conduttori, Serai, Transmedia, Cavel, KWS (Measuring equipment).
    Activity: Collective antenna, Amplifiers, Splitters, Cables, Filters, Modulators, Automatic Gates, Satellite Systems, Burglur and Fire Alarm, Telecom products: ID caller boxes and telephones, ISDN phone.

  3. Production:Hollow Blocks, Interlock Paving, Decorative Blocks, Mosaic, Piling.
  4. Interior Designers:
  5. We make all the interior studies and execute the Wooden work.

  6. Contractor:
  7. Flats for sale and rent in Metn area.

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